Thursday 8 October 2015

nightmare no.5

I was toward the top of a large apartment building coming out of a window grabbing hold of material cascading down to the ground, I was watching myself like a movie climbing down, it was dusk, I was many stories up when some husky woman threw her head of hair out a jaundiced square of light above me and I could not see her face, and began to cut away at the material with a large kitchen knife, vigorously, and then the whole scene shook and skipped like a film, and the next slide and the next, changing ever so slightly, keeping me alive for the film was no longer rolling. The tone was sepia and the mood was horror. I was hoping I would survive. The woman in the window turned into a jackal and beat it out of there; the moonlight fell over sepia, spilling blue and black into the monotony. The masonry was far from uniform. I was awakened by the  scene. So close to Halloween.

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