Friday 16 October 2015

super plain adults

I was explaining something to you and the wheels were turning but pretty slow like bicycles. Your dog began to bark at me and I got quiet. Can you throw him a tennis ball or something? The circus was in town and let's hope they tightened the bolts on the tea cups. I went to the kitchen and got the coffeepot and it was half full. I brought it to you and filled your mug and then mine. Sugar? You shook your head, you wanted milk. The moon was cut in half and the planets glittering and outshining stars. Orion was stretching out like a superhero. We could hear through the walls of the garage, your kids on guitars. Remember when we were kids? and super kids we were, really, babysitting for a dime. Three or four brats at a time. They came home late late late nights. Woke you up with a smile to go home with a yawn. Alcohol on their breath. That was so long ago it feels like a past life. You wannanother coffee? God it's late why the hell are we drinking coffee? But it's okay. We are super plain adults. We can do whatever the hell we wanna do.

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