Friday 9 October 2015

Black Chasm and the zombie kids

Me, my friend Tom and his motorcycle were surrounded at Black Chasm in Volcano, California by a bunch of little kids. They wanted us to play zombies with them. Tom cautioned them not to touch the hot pipes. Eli was the littlest. His hair was cut adorably in an overgrown mohawk and he had very blue and wide open eyes. Adriana was like a little 4th grade Madonna, standing making poses, dark eyes and hair and very beautiful and she knew it. She announced to everybody, if anyone touches my hair, i will kill you. She was friends and schoolmates with Ariel, who had a devious look in her eyes so you knew she was not to be trusted. I was scared of her and refused to play zombies. She made it through an entire bag of doritos while sitting there on a log talking to us, and her tongue turned orange and the adult at her campsite called her away and scolded her for ruining her dinner. There was an older boy, maybe eleven, with wavy, dark hair, who assured us he had a girlfriend but wouldn't give any details. He had a lot of factual information and could be relied on for the truth. The others continued walking into fantasy. Adriana said she was getting married. Ariel was apparently already married. Eli had an adorable lisp and told me in words falling over themselves, he knew a man with wires for a leg whose head was in his chest and had an arm inside his arm and brains oozing out his neck. He seemed to believe everything he said. Anyway, I strapped my helmet with yellow flames back over my ears to encourage Tom we should get the hell out of there before something happened and the kids turned to zombies on us. I took some final swigs of my green apple gatorade and finished my elk jerky. Tom wasn't frightened whatsoever and ignored my body language completely. I kept breathing while Adriana arched her back and threw her hands forward like a mechanical doll. Ariel turned into a goblin and chewed a hole in Tom's boot. Blood was everywhere. Before I knew it, Eli's eyes turned dark and he grew claws and slashed my shirt open. Tom shouted for me to get on the bike and I did, goddam evil kids, get us the hell outta here! We fired up the bike and ascended up out of Black Chasm and the town of Volcano, known only for the first ever hanging in Amador County. There wasn't even a goddam volcano.

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