Friday 12 December 2014

enveloped in media glaze -ii

There i was
shoelaces untied
hair untied
falling down
unmade up

there i was again hoping
to be myself to
find my way out
of my act

waiting in long lines
making friends
either side of me
leaking subconscious
on a drowning day

there i was
a poached egg
trying to get back to scrambled
or even better
broken fresh over fried rice

there i was again
precise GPS unknown
no reservations at anyone's table
these holidays
Just the way I like it

visions of skaters
fat laces, boards and ink
just shining and breaking
out the dirt... a gem of a

there we were hanging out, loitering
falling, receding....

someone was trying to talk me out of something
who, i don't know. the law?
i don't care

ride a rail outta

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