Thursday 25 December 2014


Wax pools
on windowsills

roasted chestnut
pine burning
turkey roasting
and dripping

coffee and cream
awoken from dream
to dream

sight of snow
or wreath and
bow. and lights
like stars

sound of bells
ringing. nat king cole
singing through the point
of a needle on vinyl
to you

laughing and jumping
for joy

smiling christians
at the dawn
of day

the kids take the stairs
three or four at a time
to the tree
and gifts

grandparents moved
and moving real

may saint nick
ride his sleigh on

eight or more
magical flying reindeer

to all the homes of all
the bad children

to see the no good ones
to forgive them

may saint nick
ride the magic on
to the east

to the islamic children
the buddhist children
the hindu children
the hebrew children

so all
of all faiths
feel loved

big and little children alike
on christmas day

good and the bad
naughty and nice
ones who eat meat
ones who eat rice

ones who never seen
the sparkle of ice

and may we learn a thing
from our imagination
this Xmas

and learn to love
more easily

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