Tuesday 21 October 2014


Stepping out of Tron
Posted on October 20, 2014 by KatYa

I lost my world in a mirror.
The mirror tricked me. 
I thought I was 3D.

I was 3D, until my mirror tricked me. 
Now I’m two dimensions. 
Eye candy. 
Background noise.

Someone taught me how to be one-mindful. 
Now I am single-purposed. 
My blade just lost an edge.

They figured out a way 
to grind me up so fine, into
a pointilistic portrait. 
My EP is an LP. 

I’m seen in single vision. 
I got a one track mind.

As i got stirred into the kettle hot water, 
with powdered cream and splenda, 
I guess I missed the point.

Still would I find my way through them, 
though the passage was not easy. 
Pontificating in the joint.

I reconfigured myself then, 
like stepping out of Tron. 
Back into the world of phenomena.

Now I am
(something like)
a phenomenon.

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