Sunday 26 October 2014


IF i was nude
without my clothes
wrapped in a blanket
feeling soft and thin
lying on your couch
in an industrial space
where the air is cool
but alive

if you were reading
poetry to me and i
was reading novel excerpts

if friends were welcomed
through the lovely living 
space without any of age old 
appropriate hesitations

then the rains would slap
the leaded glass

then the warmth 
between my legs
under your arms embracing

then the electric wait
before touch is over 
and helpless is real and 
beloved this moment 
of all that there is

then the realized 
infinite tenderness 
so palpable!

the fifth force 
validation so soft! loving! gentle!
so needless of words

then way out there 
with us
in the ness ness 
ness less rest
ness less

be still
my memory revigorate
be kind my love
pliable me
pliable you

light finds ways to 
the resting shade
it may be wondrous when it does so 
non-chalant. when shadows flicker around 
these high walls 
candle lit

taper not
sweet memory

carry on bold to the next
 precious life never fail! 
never falter! never leave! 
ever last

be still
be kind. let all past present future lives come 
together here. remarkably

anyone who still dreams
lets go 
of all you ever established
cherished institutionalized

come read your little voice large
 into the clear seche vaulting expanse with us. 
up to the leaded glass high and 
ritual drumming of rain

take off your clothes
wrap yourself in new vetements
 for once you are seen 
you are known 
you are you! you are loved 
explored like these pages
 these words 
these letters inscribed now released
upon breath
to honor the air

this moment 
these words from our bodies our ours!
and forever. unsealed and 
exposed to the element

this is now magick
catch fire and cooled 
by the brick

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