Sunday 12 October 2014


i wanna be someone. of circumstance. 
i wanna be me. 
a form. with a formula. 
neither for nor against the world.

i am spinning retrograde. with mercury. 
we are having a blast at the planetary dance. 
running interference on iPhones.

i wanna be alone. 
having to catch squirrels and dig roots to survive.

i wanna ton of friends. none of whom i ever met. 
all who might love me. on demand.

i wanna dream. come true. 
a hole. a head. some space. to tread. 
my mood. blood red.

i wanna be told. what to do. 
my mood. sad blue. 
reflective of you.

a lake. a storm. 
thawing an ice age. 
melting my formula. 
my life. into a basin.

when the children come home 
from the forest where they play, 
they may wash their dirty hands in me 

both of us…


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