Monday 1 September 2014

point and very blank was she

hendrix in chalk on J street
What happens when you try and live in the moment
and learn to let the immediate past go

like ashes 
thrown to sea
through air? 

Sometimes it's gonna be salty
the residue
other times it's gonna be so blunt to the taste you might curl up in a ball
i might throw the palms of my hands 
into the fucking wall

And the paint starts to melt 
in the heat 

Just the two of us
expression mutual 
out on the handlebars of our hate 
distribution route

Right. There's no denying it
there's no whisking the dirty truth off your baby button down now, girl
you gotta getta 
lifeless force field

and sadly
not let the self 
she so embraced 

Into that space so sacred
that circle
you said

And the dreadful life inside there? 
I mean, what happens next? 
like every half hour
some sea change comes over our atmosphere...
the ghosts pick up on the darkest secrets 

Accept it
as is

learn to restore the wholesome love
we establish

no one can 
no one can
no one can take that away

i love you
         you love me

point and so very blank 
was she

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