Thursday 17 April 2014

itasca. usa.

The derelicts wait
to get out of jail
eating grass in the yard
snail mail

tricked some dumb girl
in Lincoln, Nebraska
to drop
all her clothes
in the family Winnebago
class A. Itasca

framed for a selfie
umm. wait... i dunno
omg. someone loves me!
i oughta...just do it!

the seeds
they parachute
around her parents fat asses
they think
she's in classes

the couple next door
in the '89 Sunflyer

everyone in the trailer park
breathes a sigh of relief
after days upon days
bed springs
grinding teeth

here lies America
one part insane
three parts corn field
chicken fights
the great dane

sky of confetti
ticker tape patrol
on top of spaghetti
out on parole
all covered in glass
we lost all our marbles
trailer park cities
smoking the grass

had us some prilosec
for damage control
got the generic

over the counter
losing religions
fighting off viral
youtube derisions

fighting for freedom
across all the states
candy crushed pills
crazy eights

this is America
home of the rave
we party all night
our roads are all paved

we can
spy on your leaders
sell you our fruit juice
equal parts mother
hen turkey and

we can
just because
we can
in god's name
we can
we can
pollute air

the derelicts wait
to get out the pen
we can let them go
sincerely, usa

land of the free
prison industry

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