Tuesday 15 April 2014

the bloody truth

the blood moon
   got bloodied too soon
            the meridian maiden
                    found true love in june

a total eclipse of the

mcdonalds.... burger king... subway
      walmart.... target....(the truth)....home depot
              I drank my heart up through a plastic straw
                                in a plastic bottle
                            on a vinyl chair
                      on rubber tires
             on a paved road
                 where the trees they no longer grow

the blood moon
       the lunar eclipse
              where is Berlin?
                     her international whips

Hilary Clinton
maybe the next president
elected by Pfizer, Glaxo and Chevron

I will vote for
             our first female president
                             or maybe transgender
                                       don't wanna offend her
the first piece of legislation
which crosses her desk
I hope will be (truth)
coming out of the closet

and then we have truth
   and then we have TRUTH
         and then its THE TRUTH

the blood moon in April
two thousand fourteen
evokes such a common
                      indecent dream

now back to my cherry coke
high fructose corn shudder
the current so strong
it just broke the rudder

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