Wednesday 2 April 2014

daughter of darkness

i got a label on my life
this life by design
might be Francois Girbaud
maybe Calvin Klein

not really sure how I survived
the car crash. age fourteen
T-boned in an Audi
skin and bones and spleen

i guess i was supposed to
kick it on to college
blue jeans. straight up Levis made me
dreamy at eighteen

then was drug related
polysubstance codependent
waitress at a seafood joint
far from holy

pulp fiction and nirvana
kept me up at night
tupac singing dear mama
now i wanna fight

got a number in my mind
i think it's seventeen
trying to unravel
Chicago's lean and mean

by twenty-eight. my Saturn
second coming round
i check my self
my widening gyre
and then self

not sure how it happened
the china got intense
wrote myself right off a page
somehow found a fence

maybe it was the pacific
California's rugged coast
stopped me from my crumbling self
burnt toast...

all i really know now
my life is by design
whose label soaked into my neck
reads 'enivid'

who i am
inked my heart
who i'm supposed to be
where i been
tagged my soul
where i'm meant to go

i am survivor's sister now
daughter of the darkness
i laugh into the alleys narrow
and feel the love
rush back
god bless

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