Thursday 10 April 2014

she whose temples ... - v)

She loved the feeling of the sound of her teeth
up against the wall
mango flavored hi-chews
seven eleven in the fall
when the insomniac in her was alive and walking.

Feeling like they were gonna shatter. painlessly
her teeth
through the veneers she wove her own ideas
who was anyone (or herself) to take her away the pragmatic reality?
what kinda place to live is there? (there)
in the heart of a shapeless heart-shaped box.
in the fire in the belly of the sky.
what so obviously presents itself to us
sunrise. sun set. rise. set.
No one could answer her.
not just yet.

The rocks in her glass, they came in contact and chattered about. sublimating down.
vespers. dawn. aperitif
conclusion of the day
demerit. thief
they sublimated down to water. in the base of the glass
they took the form of the glass
they worshipped the glass
the glass began to perspire
the rocks they cracked and chattered
A boisterous lot, indeed. Something like an audience.
k selfie 04/14

Reminiscent of audiences of years past....
Lenny Bruce's audience. Caesar's Palace. Vegas
Bad Brains audience. CBGB. NYC
Audience to the guillotine. French Revolution. July 14th. Bastille Day
Audience to Nine Inch Nails
Audience to Aleister Crowley.
The Order throws a party for #4
both major and minor arcana are invited
all suits. preferably hearts alongside spades.
preferably against the grain
the motor activity
motor city

Audience to nothing.
Axl Rose won't come out tonight. his vocals need chakra treatment.
Elton John's done to much blow.
Billy Joel is scared.
Janis is laughing and drinking.
Phil Spector made a crime scene of the wall of sound.
Hall and Oates are making love.
Jim is in the bathtub. with gin.
That dude is coming out to sledgehammer watermelons again.
Mick Jagger's bff just offed herself.
Chris Brown's in jail.
Bieber's dodging Miley on a wrecking ball.
Rihanna behind her.

Witnessing the moving standstill of time.
Amusement park. Painted ponies impaled on recycled pole dancer poles.
Up and down. Robot lovemaking. Tin man grinding.
Judy Garland drunk underneath the platform.
She got in for free.
She can never leave.
Contemplation of navels.
Contemplation of labels.

That something frozen cold could move quick
and lightly float like soft-boiled eggs popping out
of the clouds, bubbling down the gravity pressurized earthen
atmospheres, down...

down into soils
taking on nitrogen
feeling alive
glancing off roots
excavating now
sub sub conscious
Judy Garland
submarine sandwich
Malaysian flight
deep hollow

deep down there lay
her temples
some fucking

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