Friday 18 June 2010

tonight is written old or new

Tonight is written: eat whole orange. Avoid the tv the friends of yours, ignore the light box with all its darkness.  try not to hold your resentments. any longer. Soulgrabber nature of some situations, morbid as they are, must be understood in cold impersonal terms. There is no other way. To understand them. Try not to rest there too long. Sing a song. Let emotional mind channel into heart and hands. Let mind rest, if mind gets caliente hot. Catch internal preoccupations as they arise. Like butterflies scattering up from the net. watch them jet. Catch and release. Approaching winter...get down there in the basement and locate fleece. Down of geese. The kind your parents loved. When you thought they loved you too. And when they did. Remember them for a sec. Just a sec.

Just a sec or collapse a wreck. Blankets offer sensual warmth and lovely false security. Take it! Grab it to ya! Close your eyes & smile wide. Turn your body from side to side. Dance with yourself, goodness for your health. Thank goodness. Acknowledge evil. what is no good in the world. What exists and does harm. Shadow form. Against the mild winter rains of northern california territories.

Candles will be needed. Candles yes. Incense yes. for purpose of atmosphere regeneration, in any one room home. where one lived with one raccoon. Once upon a time. Once. Wait! Of this you will never know. It cannot be bought, cannot be shared. Intranslatable. Love insatiable. Raccoon and then there was silence. Felt like a great great weight, felt like violence.  Tjen turned to rain. Felt like sleep. And never the same. Became and became... and became.

Break out lottery ticket!This the ticket? Intuition lights up still. Waiting but somehow knowing. the megamillions 5 picks on the random tix. You feel an oncoming fix to your account...Cash cow comes alive and kix. No longer infected, antibiotically corrected.  like you played games for years. Following the stars through your fears.

Went like second nature to the liquor store. Asked for five seven nine seven four in some prearranged or preordained string theory kite store. Numbers you visualized then released to clerk in an unassuming way, like it was your ritual to play. Clerk gave you your stub with matte finish eyes to meet. You take it and tuck it away. Sugar sweet. Two toned orange with numbers printed in a blackish grey. A silk yellow pouch showed up in your mail.  Devastating return without end, without fail. And all that came to you when you came to? when the cash came through, all that came to you?

was treating your friends true. in this day and age. simple in the complications. thoughtfulness conveyed across the thousand thoughtless stations. When you gave doubt away, No one doubted you any more, not you not them, not any other nor. just naturally lined up behind you like the lines in cords. Taoism studies made this progression so clear, sort of going with the river, like an extension of tears.

We need expedient travel over water. I don’t know why. I dont know why my raccoon died?  I did not know why I gathered the people i did all around me, I hardly knew what to say. the falling tree fell not 100 yards away.  began our conversations. could have killed one of us probably. Pine needles given as reparations. bereavement followed the machinations.

material situation (earth) you find yourself in. Sweating on the bart train, morning commute. Have come to enjoy work. or life with work in it.  a fortunate motherfucker so long have u been! Conscious of this and conscious of sin. of sanity. of gin. powerful lucky indeed.  More conscious maybe. More painful, baby!  Eyes open. Red sometimes. Air pollution. Sadness...Up all night? no solution.

Badness. Rubbing eyes a pastime. Now in the past. Keep bringing it back, the mind. body. spirit. Altogether now. Dust it off. Polish it to shine. Stay right in the moment where they say all will be fine. But thats the future, no? where All is fine? finely attuned and anticipated? pour to drink, some old table wine. forget the future, the past. Align!

Right now in the moment. The train station. This is where we receive them, the signals and signs. We may misread them. Then dropped into the past, where conscious life gets trashed. Communication breaks down. Which is insignificant. Just a fact scribbled on the wall of your mind somewhere, and maybe yours. maybe not. Like a French cave drawing, outdated, carbon faded. Fact. Union represented. Permanently belated, never on time. Watch on the hand is purely for design, minute and second hands mated.

Today you are out of bounds, no self no lines no borders to cross! the moment, you start to like her! She holds your only evidence. witness to her makes you free to cleanse your soul and rinse. no cavities! The drip dry of your self esteem, leaves you light like linen fresh.  The harbor where the moment stays?  refuge for expressiveness. the choices you have right now? are all the choices needed. The little choices you make each second? really big! need not be repeated... to underline your life you live, this may be quite imperative!! You operate against advice,  eat exotic rice, so choose to move on when u wish, put thought on ice.

You  help yourself to frozen confections-- paleta guy has some selection. Just watch out for the central raisin.  terrible to taste. eat around it, so none goes to waste. of my horchata (pudding flavor yum!) today plan to get you some. The other plan is to work. But not too hard to stress u out. U want it even to fill your spirit. Then Connect for sure with someone who owns a gun. Like H.S. Thompson, gonzo in the mountains, ballistics just for fun. change. maybe give up an opening or light, in the dark dark day. Sun is up, but anyway. Unconscious shadow lurks in corners. Mirrors may be used to dispel bad aura. Read your Tarot cards for more information. Not your own, find someone silly. or just do it alone. Or with the psychic who wants your money really.

Honey its true! to make a living thats what they do. Give you what you want but not what you need. You give you. Ultimately it was your choice that planted that seed. Honestly we  need honesty, just like everyone else. With you, honest with you, you, and with them, them too. The lies may taste good, but so bad bad for the health.

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