Monday 7 June 2010

the shallows dropped off, suddenly... softly. all became deep & true

what endured
but was it pure?

mixed up 4 all elements
brought together
in a fearless kind of global spins you roundtable
fireside chat
sort of acquaintance

this was caliente
it was hot!
if you looked at it softly
chills you got!

the hardliners held perimeter
there where they would stay

used to support
the boundary lines
all night
every day

without knowing
they could never touch us
 nor our designs, no!

what we created
passed on
worn and faded
so well known!

children imprinted them
now sew them together
figured them out (so clever!)
children draw near to them in
inclement weather

yet those hardliners with
firewalls well coded
and decorated
to dismantle
or to expose this
that or other

(come times between sister
and her brother)

well we knew!
well we wished
this no more!

the looks on their faces!
when waterwalls
were they faced with
poured to fill empty
and steely
cold faces!

songs from hearts
(and eyes!)

the hard spots
wash away
its uncommonly so
their gray tones replaced
by a warm
silver glow

the old become young
and with them united
in small chores shared through
deep comforts they

strange music
now known
to those so alone
they forgot all language
all but

remember (if you may!)
the softened hard liner
so U do
the softliner is how hes known
2 U & U 2

who turned back towards
his true love
with resolve
yes, to find her
(hard became soft,

now will you
for your own
love of self
love of good
love of health!

what you felt
you feel
you sensed
you suffer!

let intensity
of candle flame
burn on!
through dark night
through U

open eyes!
turn palms!
upward facing
carry light!

see the truth
she lies beyond
alloted sense!
given sight!

then let her live
and burn inside you
for now
4 all
for ever...

all those gone
against you
gone astray
lost who lost
lost the way

find 2 forgive them
who lost
my dear
my day!

find in U
4 them
who lost
who lost
the way

do it 4all 4ever
do it if u can now!
and away!
lose yourself
in 4giveness

4ever and

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