Tuesday 29 June 2010

hate hating...love to stare....or the yawn of some gray morning

Dont think i dont love you, dont think i dont care, i just hate hating you...but i love to stare. Remember how it is in the future? When temporal division takes over, in the dark of light year? the flower in your hair, its petals turned to strands, and all the buts became ands? This was the eclipse of the moon by the sun, and the darkness of the light, the light the air hung! made my skin bump up and touch into aura, the colors may be faded but the wear is so touching, like the little girl who lost her mom, left with emerald handbag shes clutching. the far away blankness of empty egg whites, in some diner in Appalachia, the waitresses in tights.

I can say today the magnificence is just what it ought to be, of life and energetic movement, post some weekend long lethargy. I can say today my eyes are faded, soft-focused to blur out, when meditative states make the visual channel superfluous. the blind, losing sight, enter liquid tunnels and surf through this. Santa Monica no doubt is a mystery meeting of water and earth. dangerous at the junction, lives lost under the wharf.

Let us not talk now of death and life. Let us now live and live thoroughly. Crushing on each other. Like alaska crushes mercury or napa crushes grapes...lets go retro for a sec and reconstruct all our old mixtapes. Playing the music, feeling it so, rising in altitude, san francisco, toronto. The star and the maple leaf, this is what divides us. Why not take the two, mix with the color blue, rewrite history to complete the americas.... star maple the tree from which we derive sustenance. the deciduous iconography spread over unadulterated geography....tap into the syrup, the color of mahogany.

the solid foundation of air, maybe spirit? the liquid cool we all feel, united as one, never stop shining, sun magnifying, borders fading, dying! whats next? embracing dear mexico? serenading Juarez, on our knees crying? begging for life, the more that we need it. all the things we created, all the history repeated. and yet were still dying? oh wait dont you know? theres this guy named Siddartha, was a one man kinda show! no, not Jesus, are you kidding? much better skin tone. you cant have tantric sex, over cellular phone.

wait this irreverence is beyond past the pale! i knew the merger of USA and Canada would fail! the moral code got soaked and ruined! all the corporations? non-profit! how we once spoke too brazenly, we now speak so softly! the maple leaf has rounded the edges of stars! its like losing cuban in front of cigars! the international community? forget it! you know they will laugh at us. hockey ratings will skyrocket. cold rain wind and rust. think of the consequences. fleur de lis will mix with the darkness of american suicidal hardcore punk rock goddesses.

the dawn of the new north american trip? get a grip on your weak necromantic bulimia! what turns you on apparently taps into some subaccurate agenda. like turning revolutions of global spintheory, backward through the years, down to imploding absentia. you cant fill the emptiness with some kind of juicy body of plum, without risking half the fun of the space. emptiness is so open to possibility and evasive of chase! complete lacking of class, color, sex, or race! transparent world of biodiversity. preferable to junkyard of biocommercial decademocracy.

stop a while and empty your head of your thoughts, feelings, sensations. let it all go and feel yourself lighter. now suddenly your clarity connects you to universal, just a turn tighter. no more leaky faucets in your subcortex. the antidote simply achieved by streetscience 101...

be yourself in the world and then be done!

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