Thursday 3 June 2010


this was the morning after the night after the day that ran you ragged, the morning after the night he lit your lights up, detangling all your broken ends and lost wires that never quite fit your cell phone charge girl.

 if you follow some worthwhile philosophy, speak your mantra in clear soft tones then let them fall from the heights and ossify -- bleached bones knockin the floor to tell the veritable hardknock lifer you gotta exercise to feel good, man, it aint that hard to decipher. if youre gonna be a lifer, be a lifer,afterall. walkyour ass a mile or two, winter spring, summer and fall.

this was the predawn fab of sunrise mentality. this is at this moment our parfait reality. scream out your lungs and whip ice cream with tongues. the good sun he cometh, with that old vitamin-D-play. you feel it while breathing the hell out your lungs. 'its gonna be good today, its gotta b great!'

state your purpose, your claim, state your city and zip code. your street avenue circle, garden terrace or plain road. leave the frog sweatin plastic on rivers bombastic, kiss the toad for the curse, to free yourself from brainwash plaster. the plastic all around you is simply just fake, may feel so convenient like curing throat cancer via trache. until you gotta push buttons just to hear a voice not your own, your twice removed from your soul and cant get one on loan.

the capitalist mayhem is fighting itself, persisting, resisting , and not quite so top shelf as U touted S curve A subtle high fructose corn syrup in 16% juice fusion. the water costs more now, you know why? cause its rare...the corn syrup epidemic has become that one thing to fear. its everywhere, check your raincoat, your ashtray, your ear...your whole system cache runs on corn syrup, did u know that my dear?

today lets all pray for those poor rich corn growers, who rotated out of all diverse true crops to chase a fad down the street. like we could only find milk from one single little teat? nonsense! but its played out. worn ragged til it fade out, this mindless fad crunching cocktail. masses run so fast, only to lose the race to some snailmail. email feels burdensome, a letter is rare. you know thats the truth, come on now, play fair!

you wont, damn old system, your eco non-friendly. you capture our consumption, then you treat us as enemies. the malware evoked by your very omnipresence. a capitalist rumor got its momentum on sugar substitution. a decade they would have thought it crazy, white sand kids b boosting?? why not steal a handsfree or some other new tech contribution? atleast when they catch u it wont be redhanded. you may still get jacked up on charges, delineated- redhandsfree.

just like the system took FREE and just owned it. anywhere you look , someones got their wallet to pay the price at the free sign. the banner lured them in, the salesman threw the pitch. free now you can hardly afford it! aint that a bitch? sugar on deck to get taken over, yes,possessed. exception: the mexican coke still has the real deal at your local taqueria. jammed up the sugar, made it look more attractive, a makeover by default--- the competitors are plastic. check out splenda, yellow coward, when she breaks it down we see, just like Equal and nutrasweet shes a one trick sweetener to avoid. to even sell that crap they needed psychological consultants, they conjured up Sigmund Freud.

sex is all of everything to base it all on, he said, after a taste test of sweeteners. the powerpoint Sigmund laid down was cluttered with porn. adult friend finder, he said, does not work well at high weights. sell your crap sweeteners as diet helpers, goes a long way towards a date. (this lifted some eyes in the boardrooms starched shirts) no other way to market it, i tell you all right now, heres a story before i go. dont doubt me, im never wrong, dont ask Jung hes no good. im the father of psychology, lets face it, i run this hood.

the superego met the id, according to his story, in the supermarket aisle, maybe safeway, maybe not. in the context of the meeting, it would not matter alot. superego met the id? yes it did, yes it did. (if it werent sigmund freud telling it, we would have canned it, dropped a lid. ) in the aisle full of cereal full of sugar for your kid. the id grabbed the oatbran instinctively, you see, the superego went for sugar, im sure thats plain to say as to see.

the story ended so abruptly as Freud dissolved in air. the weight of starched eyeballs was respnsible. no one cared. free association was a thing of the past. in modern corporate america, association costs money, networking = cash.

 the unconscious faced thec conscious, in an empty cold stare. the boardroom was symbolic of a house... of cards in collective...archetyped truth or dare. cause everyone got it and Freud was so right. the sugars trumped up narcotic, propped up in marketing gloss. adware trite. nutrition was the real end to the search for something good!!!! this was the takeaway and they took it, left nothing behind, not even the board, just the room. well that was something,  in futuretime real estate boom.

so next time youre hungry, hit the plain jane oatbran. youll find in your hood. the stuff you dont want has become the only stuff thats any good. (unless were talking about i phones,, you gotta get an iphone. can someone write an exception clause please? maybe an admin assistant? shit! wheres the disclaimer? we forgot the disclaimer. legals gonna have our heads.

Disclaimer:  [if you want the disclaimer, you must first complete a short survey. the survey will ask for your email address, then spam you to death. you will not be able to sue because it says so in the disclaimer. if this seems unfair, remember, LIFEIS NOTFAIR. somehow knowing that may not bring you peace of mind, but hey, what did u think? peace of mind grows on  trees? pay up! cashmoney, no money orders, no checks, are u a citizen? we dont trust u! [see our currency for details on whom we trust.]

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