Thursday 17 June 2010

4 eyes upon eyes upon eyes

What level?

she always asked
the many dice
gray like house mice
on the floor

Sound of die
striking tile
ritual crisp

all the while
soaking up
the steady focus
like felt
like ink
leaking down a map

black nile

he held up the question
til the pressure was too much
it rained down an answer
down on her
some art model
he had had
he had

maybe serious, may be desire?
the rain would explain
the rain

Nude but for rose
lingerie they chose
the querent
his lover

no other

level 4!
he would state
succinctly & finite
rolling his lips
round the R
rolling her eyes
round the room

three pair
house mice
six moon
cast dice

round the roundness
art models derriere...

round the rounded
perfection of emotionless
inflection ...

round about her
and the energies
made her feel
ill at ease & confused
the art model

Of the two who were talking
she repeated four
slightly mocking

the models eyes
she would catch
falling ever away...

Damn! she just did it! just now!
Do it again! Fall away!
the eyes!

 4 goodness!
4 give & 4get it
she will do it again

she laughed
to herself
he missed it, so blind
so focused
no mind

pay no mind
no mind!

he was included
she extolled him
pressed & dispersed
(the feeling)
never told him

He undressed her
with decisive

washing over her face
he pressed
her eyelids like petals

her lashes
like parasols
fan down
cross her thighs

he lifts her up
from behind
by hands on her hips

quickly this time
like pluck of tulip

she becomes her sighs

level 4, in room 5
(a secret 4
gentlemen of
world and wide)
known 4

cessation of love

holding form

dont u fucking move!

the moment
the tears
sought after
the years

get lost
one upon
the other
when one
always chasin

the tough
young girls
with elaborate

intricate colors
of I's

level 4
thats where...

they become their sighs

become their sighs
their sighs

eyes upon



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