Wednesday 31 March 2010

coming 2...(a vision near u)

eyelashes open with a shudder sometimes
refuse to touch when manic

embrace to withstand the dirt and pain
lashes whip in a panic only to protect old iris land

psychologically drained
location California
time twenty ten

girls were falling in love
girls were falling for girls
girls were falling for guys
and get this...
scandalous reporting
worldwide urban
suggests the improbable
and highly sensitive news:
guys fell for guys

everybody falling
in swan dives off the
hetero high platform
into a morass of sexuality
& gender continuum soup

this the backdrop for these 2
falling for one another
 and losing control over feelings

his channel was non-verbal
hers verbal
to understand one another
could be quite an ordeal

darkness often fell
as one might imagine
to coincide once in a while
with sleep

the energy between them
was heartfelt

she drank coffee
he did not
he ate oatmeal

he loved making music
hours at a time
they congregated drums
to experience the divine

she liked to write
where they lived
edge of the bay
nudged up

they found
(then lost)
unitive experience

they found her
where they lost her
again and again

stubbornness in them
virgo & aquarius,
both tend to flirt
when they aint all so serious

like tea steeped in water
full integration
was possible...
(but she drank coffee)

 knowing just when to let go. she resisted all the time, she found this new way of being so crosswired with the way she grew up. he helped to encourage her. he lifted her up.
their bond grew stronger
days grew longer
spring hit the scene
the sun made appearance

she worked on her tan,
a ritual experience
he made lots of music
(and ate lots of oatmeal)
loyal was his nature
hers was to FEEL

(or to FALL)
falling in love she was
color blue
shade royal

her seasonal sadness
replaced with fresh energy
she took them to nature
he took her inside

cell phones left at home
questions prevailed
without answer

they got hotter than capricorn
reading tropic of cancer

all of the fear
and resistance subsided
love became source
by this they abided

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