Tuesday 30 March 2010

pray maybe de-escalate to stillness... until whats furthest from... becomes alright

I like it when all the noise stops for a moment. I pay attention when i can. Feel it inside and out my existence. Become still in my soul, stirred sweet as cement.  So-called earthquake weather or the 'calm before storm'. I felt it just last sunday mornin mid march. I swear. I was in the looking glass just a combin my hair.  got to kill the anxious overwhelm. Spirit woke up to sunny calm air. Lay back fully conscious into web of sunchair. my boy F*D*Y had just got outta jail. budget cuts have cut most terms to half, he said. kitchen duty was part of the sale. F*D*Y , he just laughed in the telling, ducked out 72 of 75 days he said with simple smiling. I was fine to sit and listen. Seeing my friend happy made me too. made my day. the time just flew. The whole cosmic aura had overriden my system. How could I have been so run down almost all winter long? well, half of it, per diem. Gratitude i B - IN. held my neurotransmitters with all my might, and well...i just kissed em.

"Yes its true, we aint got nothing to do. hot sunny day, you & me, me & u. Lets count grass blades or play spades" said i to my guy. "No lets not do," said he to me, "baby boo, honey dew -- lets just B'. aint so scary, youll see, lil G. like honey, to honeybee." Me and RickRoyale, we buzzed around the apple core vibration in the Chi we experienced - having capitalized the b like Royale said: just B! Come what spirit dictates, Come natural like djs in their bedrooms, just diggin into crates. Come as you was, you R, you C you B, and what U B, U R. Rated R, with foRnication, not otherwise specified city theatre on a not perfectly known streetcorner, where ssri antidepressants move like tumbleweeds. maybe a bed? why so plain? i like dancin outdoors, when it rains. knocked U out as 1 world became darker, you and I became 3-some-times were hard to fall into, a rhythm played out in parallel process to dark shade gone light, isnt that right? livin what were talkin, givin out, locking back in-to our eyes so in love. goddess above!

the stillness, oh yeah, come back to the thunder. cause the lightning of the love shot rolled it under and out to sea. such the power of WE. but comin into focus again (sharper contrast against the love movement) the stillness my likeness in looking glass theatre. surround sound of his sweet brooklyn intonation in my head reverberating. while the strangers stare and some be debatin...the chevy impala girl drives sure looks like a beater. kinda like her, beat niknak, small rack, big smile when she lets it, earth tone emporium meets miss purple blouse blue jean queen and yes, do they get me, oh, hooray! what a day! crazy lane merges with insanity way. we find one another, the alienated. we treat one another how we would be treated. not too kind, non competitive, bad impression underly glances furtive. trust long broken, mishaps while tokin. chasin highs not just lookin. attracting heat, just cooking. surviving somewhere between book ends.

Full throttle on bay bridge, V6 tried and steady, tank beneath back plates on fumes, close to empty. The asian cargo ships seem like grounded, hardly floating,  appearance? impounded. the Pacific Ocean she got you and me, we surrounded. immersed in blue galaxy. midday sky like our foreheads, kinda wrinkled, kinda waxy. empirical data miners catch wind like a taxi. this field or strata has gone paranormal! better get back to whats known, make it formal. leave the alienated in the subnormal district, beneath the highway so if you drive, well, you lucky missed it (what they would say under their morals; you missed shit! how about a fancy routine? a part to play? a bit? charades define us. brush ourselves of anti-normal behavior locked inside us, digestion secondary to kitchen raids. come join our society...and shhh! let us tell you... our parties are not subject to police raids).

Yeah yeah yeah, fucking country culture clubbers sometimes! Hit the brakes! kick rox! culture is a worn out concept in mush-land. land of the rush- land. land of the unplanned. land of landfill sand. land of a thousand tribe, a thousand band. am fm radio knows no cable. pagers outnumber cellies, 4 sure. no tourist attractions = no tours! come to mushland you might end up on all 4s. acquainted with criminals and whores. mushland is Yeshualand. carpentry and calloused hand. adult video store manned.  you create it only to watch it get washed smooth like waves over sand. forget what you expect, forgo what you planned. Fuck! dont you know this trains been runaway since yesterday! i mean way back when, back in the day; from the heart of the lions den. the mixtures of elements spotted conjugal in shadow of corporate imperialism.  some sellouts look down from air con cubicles, a few degrees removed like bifocals run through prisms.

Well i could not stay long in mush land, you know. might have to turn a trick or start a row. But hey its the only place really to go. ask J. son of G., cause he know. me i subscribe to Siddharta newsletters. Eastern type language, Orient letters. Kanji and so forth. so forth to go forth. manifest i well. i-an-i create song from tibetan tuned bell. Rising high above the weight of this world, immaterial form, free from that burden so attached we carried. now shed. no longer imprisoned. unburdened now. with vision. like what i saw in F*D*Y. . Rick Royale had it, too. and something more, massive appealing to i, made me (of us) so sure. Royale the one I love, one who got my eye. with strength from up above, or where gravity cease to play. Like space? (so they say). His spirit? where the alpha came out some situation... burned like fire, singed & frayed, im afraid, yet far from extinguised, now do u comprenez, en english?

Cries from behind boas, lies and licorice, material get repo, you know... then ya dont know. Diverse gps configurations make us, his spirit and mine do interact & flow. tracin the critical stars in the sky. needing exactly almost nothing to get by. stillness. side by side. sixth sense throwback, our genetic recall, flips us past lives ahead down those acid scrubbed halls. where U can see your reflection, never settle.  Let yourself change like rock to heavy metal. never B someones projection. this is how i C this. and not just to C it -- to B this   -K

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