Thursday 18 March 2010

dont let love fade you...Arise

So.... i had to talk to you... get the clutter out my mind....  you help me remember what im here for... the good things.... drop the insecurities.... comeback from certain deadend alleyways america lead you down... another street kinda hustle in your head... can feel when youre gettin hustled, if youve ever hustled.... some gotta make ends some way somehow.... then you & you gotta survive too....  shinindiamond attunement -- being real in all youre doin.... becomes you &amps up your profile so no one in particular would not be fuckin with you from the gate... high heels own the real estate... kinda confidence demands a show of cards... pulls the hustle out of hiding..... aligns where street heads residin....simple bicycle wheel spinnin urban politics, kinda fiending for the hustle yourself as you come together in the way brothers and sisters lost & found do: amped! found common soundground, kinda audiovisual unity of sight seen....  eyes open, props & status come natural over time.... gives ya soul its spring cleaning -- sweat tears flushed bluegreen.

Next ya know the Thai neighbors offer sa-wa-tee-kops and kas with hands positioned directly below the breast in prayer and a gentle bow of loving kindness.  received moist with goodness like a full kiss you got for me hella afterhours when i get my punk ass back home in your lovin arms for the night. my smile means alls well: here i stay for a while, ya,

new tenants takin root now in my  headspace...
i do welcome with my own intoned 'sawateekaaah!'
aka SHE NO BULL SHIT !! flies solo if she wanna
anyman stepup toher? now hes a gonerrrrr!

Love at the right temperature was the feelin i was feelin i realized,
smiles lovin up to ceilin.
Tucked in the muscles the folds of your arms
and ya i got somethin to say, tooooo
you may be tryin to sleep, ya
but a feelin comes once some time
what say? (he wants silence!)
(he pulls you in tighter)
so what i got to talk to you?
(you resist, he works harder, you persist)
so wha? this aint a felony
just a feelin'
--he fights ya in his sleep--
no contest - R U - of his strength
he laughs ya off
you may as well stop strugglin'
i do i do
surrender to him, 2

This variation of love, whatever it was, kept life rolling pretty well now. Some of the love was her love to herself, a great rebalance from a month of feeling low. She was able to kiss her love out to some friends and certainly Royale. Other of the love went to a family member who came ill. Other of the love was kissed back and above of the sender. To its source did render. The generosity of the human spirit...tender.

its cause i love you
i swear! (she wants to say so bad)

its cause i love
it comes from love!

You know she's made an appearance (love).  You know so. Inside you know shes there cause something feels significant and sometimes maybe wonderful. more often a little unusual or unexpected, but so right  when in seconds you  get caught up to what happened. Always something, stands out. Not  always right, not often terrible wrong.  Sometimes even wonderful.  Overshadows what was said. Only to unlock our hearts out me with you, to share.  can be 2 confusing at first...

we had to talk (she says softly)

im pretty damn sure
about it cause...

cause its about us
well i thought so
dont you think so?

She will find you in your pores if she must hunt you down.zut alors! no witch hazel can shut her down, na, she will access to the core. if you let her and even if you dont sometimes. She can find whats real. She will roll back to either side  that wall know the one that previously turned half the living room into an oriental narrow rug lined hall.  And thats not all...

shit-- (she worries)

i cant know us
only we can

his lazy floppy head
got real silent
her words
ran out on her

like ripples
 in water
run & vanish

She felt the subtle change come over the air. A slow come on, this drug. For a longer lasting more powerful experience. Was it deliberate? Was it natural? She could not say.  She knew the love had arisen so easily because she was allowing process to unfold. Real love (it seems) could not miss the mark. Could catch you flat footed in the depths --or floating, from above...

so i got you? says he
(she looks out sideways)
(inquisitive plays)

for a little while
now atleast
i can rest (she thinks)
she release

what i was holding on
feel the ground on
which we stand upon

commence dawn
(no longer frightening)

there you are now
sitting on the bed smiling
here i am
taken to the skies

fantasies brewing
between thighs
beyond eyes...

when set loose upon the town
the depths
feeling... arise

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