Wednesday 17 March 2010

the truth rocks like rockin chairs. until no one cares.

 Direct and clearly i offer you the truth. My truth not yours. truth of march 17th twenty ten, 4 in the am. not any other time at all. this truth is all its got. wont exist before nor after. thats the truth. youre in for it now. i can tell. you have your hands up on the glass. you want it on the other side. you know it wont be anything more than what it want it still. i better not be a tease. please.

the truth is you love yourself mostly. and that your expectations for life have fallen short a little, but not so much you cannot accept it. you do. and you do so with a humble grace as best you can afford. you may still have dreams to fulfill. you may have let dreams be dreams and tolerated, no, survived this time around, this blue and green windswept ball of earth and fire, and desire. you have your ways to feel. you pretty much think you know the deal. the unknowing is not an easy embrace. until the unknown and unexpected really takes place. you have experienced this. this opened your eyes more, but the glare was still there. you could cry more and do. connects you to yourself, true? the feelings seem so much heavier than words now to you. the meaningful moments come infrequently through words, always through feeling. the dead ends of your hair come and are cut in time by your stylist. the dead ends of relationships past linger like shadows in your memory. some can upset you to contemplate. others you feel like had their moment and passed...and so okay. you are scared and relieved to lose youth. the spiritual realm you open your palms too. like soon after you were born, spiritual knowing returns to you. all you now know, you know you knew.

The truth of that time is said and done. said and gone. no analysis. no looking back. You wanna let go of the stuff weighing you down and let yourself manifest today, please. Dont let anyone block your goodness, your compassion, your intuition, your effort, your loving. White light may surround you if we are given the strength to. I offer prayer for all of us this morning. All of us and our loved ones. The ones who did not make it this far. The ones who went beyond us. I offer what i can in hopes to bond us in this blizzard. Confetti machine world wizard.  manifest creatively and seamlessly, fluidly, systemically, carefully, non-violently, to devote yourself, sincerely... to see out the delicate marbles your eyes toward...unbound...with focus....soft focus.....flex lens....receives light then bends....refract then sends...sacred energy spins...synergy without friction.... conscious untying... leave some loose ends....undo all knots....and just touch

Residual energies flow out here...
sugar sweet, this heady heat. makes you up and kick out your feet. jam yourself out onto crowded street of like alike kind you find, community, yes, unity. community unity with colors raised high, red, yellow, grass green, blue stars and whites of their eyes....the children up on our shoulders, little ones can see... to hold us so intact  now shared in social response to smiles of hearts & felt warmth-- like oatmeal over fire. like cutting of the wire so to make all connexions human and touched. no metal means no interpersonal rust. interspatial memory branding- in tabula rasa & drycleaned, trust.

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