Friday 2 April 2010

All will be fine (such is the case)


this is how i last
how i survive

how i overlook the useless
and focus
even dive

silent cylindical wave
merging with seas
i believe there are five

once unitively experienced
u know u arrived

i cant explain this like i said,
my words come to life and
then lie still, lie dead,
or reborn yes reborn!
in my very head

i wish for u to know
i mean u know harm
i offer white light
unfold out of self

for sight

i dare your courage
i dare to meet you
i dare your pride
i dare confide

u make me smile
i start to laugh
energetic plane
softens soft

like wax
meandering of

hot hot & fine

recorded on
a sunny california
day not long ago
when the musicians
had no mercy
said it was so

my pen was mad hot
burning like incense
my paper singed bad
situation was tense

tension held up
defining a pathway
kept my head up
day after day

i had no mercy
i moved like fire
destroying what i knew
to create in the playa

tabula rasa
nothing wasted
cuts were very hard
my passion
kept the pace

i suffered i knew
i knew not
still true

i feel all feelings
each one a clue

to the spiritual
licensed and bonded
palm cooled

henna cast vines
that wrapt round my body
what was goodness in me
met what was naughty

the effect
energy was sourced
in a system

this became the signature
which ended the divorce

brought peace to a land
knew nothin but war

an internal dynamic
shifted cells
to uncover

golden hued
sifted grains
of glass

i transformed these
eventually from
gold fronts
steeping over time

then poured rather

cause goldface fronts
do not protect
as imagined

when you gotta
save your ass

salvation not a question
that runs through my fluid mind
it happened already
it happens all the time

just catch yourself
in your arms
when you go too near
an edge
and hang there suspended
pure mindful
oneness with ledge

see all your choices
see the divine
follow your heart...
all will be fine

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