Tuesday 2 March 2010

what way might we carry ourselves?....possessed? styled?

today i hope the earth dont quake under your foot, and if it do... i hope u know what to do. the gratitude comes pourin out of every crack, every pore, when you realize what you have, well, so many multitudes lack. all this leisurely strolling through the web pages through the modern age. survivin quite calmly on what inside the big country is still called an honest fair wage.

ya, today i hope the rain hits you nice and soft like, each teardrop crackin like an egg and rolling down your curves, girl. caught in the cage of your ribs, guy. cause anything will do to awaken us today. i can always wake up a little bit more, you know, and it comes through the not so sunshine like comfort, not so easy like walking instead of driving -- but really, is it all that hard? and it wakes ya! i swear! rolling out of bed and out the front door before the sun has even arisen, shut in place, the front door.

and this is the way. this is the way i want it all. gotta make my oatmeal the old-fashioned way today, ya, real oats nothing prepackaged. its just that easy. walk to work instead of drive. rain? hell! i will still arrive. maybe a shiver in a bone, but a spright in the step. believe me i havent even half begun just yet! later we gonna make a kite out of sticks and throw away sheets, no scissors just knives to cut out the sail, hell, better yet -- use teeth!

come on, wheres the wild in us gone? into the cracks of potholed urban dawn? awaken like a vampire, get out of the yawn thats captured your heart! turn the crank with your arms, its a manual start. the automatic has developed an affliction, some static, cant rely on shit no more, im sorry, life thats promised now cease to be a bore. you know the way is simple mind over matter. one more stick of butter will only make you fatter. take your carnal desire and throw it in the fire, let it burn itself away, now down on your knees to pray, thats right. cause what you need is some TCL, tender care & love. to hold one anothers hands in the cold, well, try taking off the gloves.

yeah, see i could fight for the harder life. in the easy sway of american afternoon. you'd be whistlin dixie, i am howling at the moon. not wailing but wild. not fully grown, not a child. i dont know, you carry yourself one way, i am otherwise styled. self-assured and quite possessed. like the baby bird throws herself over edge of nest. this is how you can have it. courage over fear, eggs on the grill, pan-seared. or you can still wait in the warm spot you got, wait to get nudged to your edge by your dear mama loves you so, knows you better than you yourself know.

well, guess what? caller #5 is gonna survive. thats you kid, hiding out under that oversized lid so long now, the heat you starting to feel it? the earth that quakes all around us now? the water almost boiling, thought it was a hot spring, didn't ya? so did i, until my feet caught fire, too. swimming became my talent. up up up! young men and ladies! bubble on over like the pop-froth of the eighties. your moon boots need no gravity. your crest toothpaste got the anti-cavities. today because you popped in the studio so quick, were gonna serve you up some waffle thick, dripped in butter and syrup the way you like, like, like. now your here and here you have it, AMNESTY! my dear. now come on, now, grab it!

change your mind, let yourself go, keep repeating this mantra: U DONT HAVE 2 KNOW! u dont have 2 know. let all that garbage come up for air, its stale and designed to proliferate fear. no, no, you dont have to let go of the combo to your locker, silly. just let go the idea of keeping everything locked up, compartmentalized, thrown into jail. cause the prison system got so fat the economy looks frail, by comparison. please take your amnesty and we will have nothing between us!  i took it before you, please believe me, trust! no it wont feel great, you will be a bit wobbly, vulnerability is the least trafficked lobby, from D.C. to self, the less than one man march, marches over ground zero, in negative degree windchill so cold, so cold, yes, so COLD that...

your eyes and mine open.

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