Saturday 21 November 2015

Journal 11.21.15

The holidays are a heavy time for some of us and me. I wish you all the best with family and friends and laughter with strangers, or the most delicious silence in being alone in the quiet comes over the USA all the holiday weekend long. I wish you long walks into colorful autumn foliage. I wish you good health and a vision for your future. I wish you peaceful dreaming to maybe meet again those you have lost, and hold their hands in another world. I wish you warmth. I wish you be forgiven and given fresh chances and good food. I wish you would be kind to yourself, and if you find yourself alone again, you will be there in my heart, I swear, remember, we are all alone really, and it's okay.   - K

Update... On the writing and self-publishing front, I am trying to stay active with the Daughter of Darkness while it's fresh in my mind from working on Maze. When I published Book One last February, I took about a month away from the series before diving back into it. This time I don't wanna stop. Truthfully I don't know where Book 3 is gonna go. I mean I have 55,000 words of material I wrote last year, but much of that was written before the plot for Maze came together. There are some good hunting scenes, for sure, which I plan to use. If you have any ideas let me know.

Finally, I hope that my idea of reading all of Maze on this website is okay with you. I understand some would like to read my usual flashes, my creative nonfiction, but I am thinking about putting that aside so I can do these readings instead. They both take up about an equal amount of time to compose. Please let me know. Best wishes!

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