Wednesday 18 November 2015

Maze 2:1:3 -- a reading

Leading up to this point in the story...

In Part 1 (Book 2, Chapter 1)
Ame is basking in the sun on the shores of Lake Merritt when her friend, the apparition named Hendrix, shows up. He is a bloodhound for 'the tangy energetic' (aka human fear). She follows him (with some difficulty). He takes her to a building on Harrison Street. She was here the day before, across the street, and had locked her bike to a street sign but now her bike is gone. She realizes it has been stolen.

In Part 2, Ame recounts the day before. She had 'the thirst' and tracked a lady into the Whole Foods who caught her attention.

Book Two
Chapter 1
Part 3

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