Saturday 14 November 2015

this town

In this town unlike other towns all the people wanna get laid. All the people. In this town they all go to the library. It is a very small town, so the library is the only edifice and serves every function. But nobody gets married or divorced. The library has no books, only magazines. The magazines must all be obscene to stay in circulation. There are no pictures only words. There are no children in this town, and never were. Nobody leaves this town, by choice. This town has a finite beginning and a finite ending. It ends when the last of them is dead. This town is kept very clean, all the streets I mean. There are no dogs, and no cats. But plenty of platinum fish. Nobody does drugs. This town is very strange, unless you live there. There are no hospitals. If you get sick they will take care of you, and if they get sick you will take care of them. Intuitively. Nobody lies in this town. There is mayhem but only one night a week, after dinner, and if you want some you walk into the field of mayhem where everyone who wants mayhem, has it. The rest usually watch and cheer them on. People may get hurt or killed, but only by accident. At night everyone comes out to drumming, lights candles and stands silent in a circle. They listen to the wind. They see one another. Then they go to bed to a bugle playing taps. It's a really sacred moment, it really is. I made it up.

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