Saturday 2 March 2013

cobwebbed in corners (living life lavishly)

She was
Calmly pronounced a communist
She was
Only nineteen and reading Marx
She was
Crunching on Pringles
Turning to Engels

 She laughed so hard. sent into rare fits
 Taken 2 the ground. unable to breathe
 Circa 1986 (or seven). inverted hair weave

B4 girls finishing school
B4 armadas of treasuries
B4 living life leisurely
B4 living life lavishly

Her gf was
bending over and under oily cars, greasy pipes
frazzled cutting wires
cobwebbed and cornered
blackened by chimneys...

on break
smoking snipes

the only crack she was exposed to
was plumbers
the only oil they got on their hands
offshore drilling companies stock

the only wired they knew was
ten cups of coffee deep
 over morning newspapers
they often fell asleep

dont mention the powder coke
hid behind a classy term
screened by smoke
like designer drug

keep the whole thing
under the oriental rug

matter of fact
keep your whole life
on the down low...

flattened in lines
patterned. deceptive
hieroglyphic designs

Only divining rods
can find us
Only symbols will
define us

our birthright
Deaf people
can sign us

Then when
we come out
to shine
all your shoes

the light
will be clear...
the choices
we choose

at the top
of our lungs
at the top
of the stairs
leading down
to our subway
we sing
the same songs
we sing

we sing blues

-  Katya W Mills 
dedicated to KaliKila 

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