Monday 11 March 2013

11.11.11. (st8 of shock)

11.11.11 (st8 of shock)
by Katya Mills 

written on 11.11.11

This version of our global state of earthen affairs in oakland of alameda of california of united states of america of pan-asian of northern hemisphere of caucasian of indigenous peoples of egyptian-descended of one common descendant of sapiens of homo of mammal of water, element of air, element of atmosphere, of carbon of familiar of greater universal, foreign, of spiral of vortex of black hole of tangible space, of vacuum of void of emptiness, never forgotten otherworld of unknown of infinite of celestial of solar, of andromeda, of not of andromeda, of love, compassion and deep respect of universal communication, today, gregorian. 11.11.11. morse code until we grow old, holding cards stubbornly until the inevitable cash-in, i.o.u's pencilled on trees. folded over. staying in town tonight, baby? please!

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