Saturday 9 March 2013

Resist your retina (iii)

The company reiterated being on task through mouthpieces through media to phase out said products, undesirables du jour! per legal reforms as planned and certainly no sooner unless new product lines could cement profit margins and hyper phase out any non-impact to quarterly bottom lines (less muni code violations) aka state fines or earnings before interest taxes depreciation and amortization aka e.b.i.t.d.a. L

Listen, some really high fucker began to passion preach: life don't repeat...anyone who so much as challenges what i'm saying we gotta somehow somewhere stop, discounting the nuance the gradations the tonality....indiviuadation must be discounted for economic growth to hit the fifth gear and tax the cylinders to milk the most out of the socio-cow!

We gotta stop short circuiting
the evolution
the changes
the process
of life

Slugging along
banana slip
sluggish ass
of her

that neutral gear
stuck up bitch! 

When every emergency demands more life, she means less to more, she offsets your every anxious angle
the once described as a cock block whore. Hey, its helpful, for the lineup: descriptive-riche. the nouveau bitch.

thick hung with pause
late-term pregnant
with waiting

demands words
offers silence

demands action
don't move

demands proof
what does it prove?

(allows self to throw glass of root beer)
(glass inadvertently strikes respondents door)
(glass shatters and lays like a crime scene)
(untouched for 48 hours)
(perpetrator sees self as victim)
(this type of shit)(incident) (happens every day)

what was the problem
 was there one at all?
standing up against the wall
 about six feet or so tall?

what happened when the sword
 came up to your neck?
 did you put that ho in check?
did it make you feel proud?
did it come off
bass boomtown
very fucking loud?

 with your girl in the pen
 you are more than just free
 got out on billy's holiday
changed your clothes into
something u-nique

not every damn nothing
not every at all
grown up 2 exactly
 unheard of height
maybe nine feet tall

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