Wednesday 6 March 2013

fuck around (a little light to your fright night)

Fuck around, live life high, live life clean, just do not live a lie!
Do not live a lie.

Fuck around,  a little light to you're fright night.
Add a little light to your life, by way of affirmations.
Let people see your aura and come close.
Give away the light.

Fuck around but do not live closed.
Stay away from the tunnel vision.
Steer your boat through the narrows.
But only out to open water.

Fuck around and do not dare to do less.
Do not dare.

Fuck around.
Live life high.
Live life clear.
Live life like life is you're lover.

Fuck around.
Get inside of it.
Do not go around.

Fuck around.
Take no shortcuts.
Take no prisoners.

Fuck around like you mean it.
You gotta want it.
You need it.

Fuck around.
Measure up.
Pound for pound.

Fuck around!
It's the only way!
Take it!
Flaunt it!

Fuck around!
It's okay to be who you are!
We need you authentic!
We need you, really real!

Fuck around, baby.
You know the truth!
There's only one life!

Fuck around and
Feel freedom
Right now!

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