Friday 23 April 2010

sugar sharp scratch of seaglass latch

Hey sweet pea! and hey, bonjour dela terre!  really miss ya. hope u got to play, hope u had some fun today? we got some time left for lights refrac-sun... in case u need some warmth, west tilts the axiom -- due east. generous we agree at the very least; degrees maximum.

all we got to do, boo -- just chew... the malleable-tungsten-filament, yumm.. tastes like coolmint, who knew? Then we bend the particle, over high fructose corn the genuine article, ya, the really high yields. BrookLlynn (not brooke shields),  B where the BookEnds. Pure sugar! like bottled coke of mexico; no pretense! mountain dew come styled retro...

Predications filled full,  like heart desires.  4 subjects tanned hands, by prayer of evening stretched parallands, now tired... There now... peaceful fold, back into night pod, where the hothot! chaud escape through cold sod... up into sky night air... forming blue tesla clouds... so i'm told.  by those who care.

those who cared? i knew they cared, oh yes i knew... i remembered how i missed u too... i knew u cared for me, i you, when particle turned to wave then wave crested... to uncut foam breaks now arrested: the trials of the sea done tested.  the sugar sharp scratch of sea glass latch, now softened to calico respite...crisscrossed & undid the fate of the desperate... by the eyes of those who care

those who stare the chill out pneumonic hearts of gold. harmonica thawed out once by his lips, then sold... who dare to care, no longer young before they grow old.... cut north from star south & afar...the chord of pronounced string theory held up before its struck, like an E minor falling flat yet unheard, (some silenced sonic radar stealth like the bats or just dumb luck). 

strung out anyway you have it, hold it, carry under duress. to extend some help because, well, there's the rest of it, etcetera, etcetera, the part we gloss over or tuck away sound, the part we cannot go under, over, around we say etcetera and bless you, before the movement  finds resurgence...the feeling so critical & contagious, an emergence! we watch it, we witness, the arisen then subsidiary, the divisive separation then they remarry. the cyclical nature repeats in high drama.

they bowed and fell back, the mood grew somber...caught the wind and then tacked...went with it all, those who care...those who dare...billowed whole against the windspun squall, y'all!

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