Thursday 22 April 2010

sub benevolence -- or all this world she got left (for us now)

When you get to feelin like all you got is what you see in front of ya.... colored is your consciousness by visions unprecedented and last night vented in the buttery air. some demon projector she leaves ya dying on the cutting room floor.  pulling threads of nightmares straight out your head, as you sit placated by intoxicating memories, posture froze there in the chair. eyes aglow in a darkened stare.

you are wrong and amplified; right are they, the ossified. bone pale the faces all around, you thought you could trust them, pound for pound.  Got to feeling (like all your feelings) ici & here, in face of public apathy. a feeling aura untied the fix on wrong and right. the morality squirmed out of centrality. periperals sharpened into view. your mind came to rest on 'True! its True!' Your feelings are not theirs, your dreams came true to pass. Now rise up, now, they must let you past! Fast! Vite! i say, 'Time of essence, time cant last!'

Sub Benevolence colorlessness of gray, was the day. Your mind still humming under the roll of your pulse, the sure the drumming.  share how you feel may influence how they feel about your feelings you feel the mind was humming. And in a second was something coming.

What you taste in the back of your throat, in times of great &amplified, necessary movements. Sub benevolence all the while stuck in B minor. Integrated housewives polishing silver in synch. What could be finer? the chemical soup (whose recipe B corporate) they politely engage, with an oval silver and puff of sage.

Alchemy is in the air the water, in the earth --the wind.  I cannot feel nothing but goodness. Flat now concave, sharp boys who misbehave, girls on the down low, on their knees in slow-mo... only to uprise above the skirt of the table... breaking out of some generic fairytale fable. This is today, the youth of resistance! Armed with filter, set to deneutralize sub benevolence, any moment, any distance!

Meanness attacked, cruelty got jacked. The day was obscene, before obscene got obsconded. We found in this madness an offsetting sadness...effect was like primary colors turning yellow blues to green. Left some sort of restlessness...wild, the eyes of a child out in the streets, day break broken.

World lost focus, this one day you know. We crossed our auras: twice above, once below. The kinda sign come automatic @ sight of miracle. the sea level creatures stalked altitudes grown near me. I broke out my apple and cranberry green tea. It fell in the sea and colored it shade #3... character 4 those for whom freedom aint free. The painful enlightened morality mothers -- hides tanned by the sycamore tree. We laugh through revolution teeth! we smile off to trial!...Listening to trip hop dub mixzero - mp3.

What has this world got left for us now? trying to be normal,  trying to be sane, you lost something clearly no one can explain. like old lost cars along St Petersburg line, the czar and his family, escargots and wine. Like Polish heavyweights, 98 or 99. Crashed and burned in twenty ten. the sub benevolence humid air of conditioning. Lobbies shoving & positioning. Supermodels skinned right to the bone. Podcast marketers flood our microphone. Pharmaceuticals taken, only fade the endless drone.

No one to be trusted? please tell me im off! Sub benevolence we routed it! remember? who doubted it? get off me! fuck off! no, damn i cant believe it! just got our shit together and blazed up to sea level... who the hell are you? spiritual oppressor sent by the devil? all this world she got left is us! the gray dawn sunrise 40 degrees down, sunk to the left of us... see it there in its watery grave? up here, R we, spirits aloft,  i mean -- fine then, do it, take my body if you must, either way = SAVED!

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