Thursday 22 April 2010

u c us. we c u. i found him. sacre bleu. sacre coeur. mon cher.


je taime. je te trouvais. ici dans la cite. quelle pitie. lurban rustic. bus then kick. kick rox. i b u fox. u be me tree. grounded. see? hear feel know deal. fortune chance. roll up ya pants. a little leg? its reg. normal. stat. ab. phat. kit. cat. i love you so. love you sooooo. dont u knoooooo. here to Juno. love your flow. in your tow. followin you. stalkin u. brooklyn accent. accentuated. u c me. i c u. i lost you. sacre bleu. i found u. sacre couer! je t'aime

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