Tuesday 13 April 2010

I missed, fully lacking, i became tormented, empty, then got full of what had been lacking before what was lacking was him or what combined with me was us...for all of us all

SUCH was a fullness of lacking, such is true! or a presence so severe and tormenting like the nightmares they drive faith, my faith to mad madness! i swear no tellin, the loud crashin' bang fly dustin' come over this, some to whirl amidst sheets put to wind or sucked dry, my my my my... and summer like fall shadows wheat field with scythe, mechanical measure of lifeless yield, held over head or over the rope are they held, those sad sucker sorrows who failed ta yeld.....the yield....crept them lifeless, took them shelled, what i feel now i even felt...sensed the animation stirring untold, chaos never quelled....truth be teld...

or whistling of moonshine bottle air through nudging sets of enamelled vanilla sky teeth, this is skinned of the mind left us bare open and purely wanderin wondering sky deep...all of us, towns of us...prairies of us....running and away, lined end up of days! often  leaving room of course for the very enemy to slip on through or in like vodka gin combination unlock the pure piss pot of ungodly sin. the exclamation lies within, my friend, the exclamation lies within, sayeth some unwelcomed private kinda voice, deep in the breast and you have no choice...deep in the bottle, under the chin. stone meets flint, flock the gulls they do again.

the unified becometh twain, the twain let a third one in, in whose belly make four, whoops, someone let up watch at the door. Five in the hive, so stirring the solution like flake assimilate and take, now holds six. sucker to fancy trick for seven. Seven such fortune to it brings, can only create, and thus spokenumeral eight. needed one more to fight the hateful hate, therefore was nine, by clear brushstroke of goddess design. sold in the market to a surprise added digit, this was ten and flexed all the rigid like a rainbow, you know, where done reap, don then sew in an extra pocket for possible clear regneration via split, so one next to one could equal the balance of the whole of it.

Git what im saying? dashed like the tongue! outdoers, tied, fit, and outdone! so a dozen makes the pan so be there no delaying! and then the baker with the generous tide! makes one extra and so confide. to only them left under the sauce unawares ya! the generous spirit sparks wet cheek tears, eh! this kind of lending of the self to another, could only engender the attraction principle, where the seventh came to table, and was found able. defying any angle or margin of error, geometry failed us all at fifteen. so we added them up and now we got sixteen! lucky my stars, when seven comes round again. on top of the pillar of one jumped to beanbag street zero, fat sucking on the fortune of every sacred drawn tarot.

Now fold......uhhhmmm.....  we fold and save all our blessings, cause counting no longer portends. what the breakthrough done broke....we broken care for....try to heal them that come after us....amends we amends amen and amen..ssssss......we mends.

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