Saturday 25 April 2009

'my coca-cola stained life'

sometimes you spill over
tripping over
your words
disorganized in thought

unable to communicate
even in your own fucking head

just residing in a lonely
here and now
(there and then)

maybe its all the cell signals
just confusing us
invisibly so
or the dark energy
or the noise
or the taste of urban
san francisco 2009

the taste of the streets
i mean

whatever it is or is not
we suffer nonetheless
tangibly so
in that lonely place
of fog

hovers over the golden gate bridge
in the springtime

heat brings condensation
salt he says
farewell to water

water she sublimates
she floats
up over that golden gate
and hangs out
and chills

like you would if you
just sublimated
like some wonderfully engineered
latte foam creation

but she misses the salt
he was good to her
she kept him afloat
he gave her flavor
they carried the whole
goddamn undersea ecosystem
is what they did!

she is lonely
sublimated up there
lonely at the top you know

the big colored bridge below
may be a sight to see
but his exposed metals
cannot communicate
with miss H2O in the air

its a language barrier
yet she shades him from the sun
and he is her ground
so maybe thats enough

i dont want to feel it
its never enough
never comfortable
and they say
we are never alone

quantum physics
drops the science
right in your lonely
little head

and still you feel it
its not okay
you want to cry
you have to pray

what is gone is gone
what is here is here
and they tell you
accept it

you do and you dont
you are curious
you want another way
cut the truisms in half
get to TRUE

being lonely
is blue
as my coca-cola stained

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