Sunday 12 April 2009

Kat from the well

Diving right in now. Scouted briefly for rocks below. All i saw were the shafts of sunlight swallowed up in the deep waters. Maybe thats my unconscious? Well, lets leave it alone. Or just bend the light a little into an arc and opening for refractory dreamscapes to manifest. I hope to follow the sun rays back toward their source, surface and jet into the blue sky cloud swirls like cream in coffee. Permeating the whole damn thing, it will never be the same...but only more delicious. Eighty six the sugar, its really no good. This will not be sugar-coated, this sharing from me to you. If you find sweetness, well, maybe thats my heart. She resides here, or else there is nothing! But expect this fishing expedition to be more than just a slow day of worms hanging on hooks wondering what for. No, its gotta shine or its a waste of my time and yours. Yes, i mean i hope to be honest, as honest as i can find in myself. I will locate humor on the planks the pirates deliver their undesirables out on, to the sounds of prayers carried on aural waveradio channels straight to Somalian shores. Sometimes you gotta dive in. Cause behind you lurks your shadow... and if you dont press on it might wrap you up in dark energy folds and dissipate you into cosmological inconstancies.


  1. what kind of pirate? a Johnny Depp or a Kieth Richards

  2. well i love them both, but i was thinking more along the lines of the real deal!