Sunday 3 May 2009

mundane comedie. zero #1

you and i were so good like semisweet chocolate melting on the pavement, discarded from some easter egg hunt gone cold. the memories, oh the memories. outrageous! like the time i got kidnapped and you rescued me from that trailer trash on a meth binge. oh wait. that was csi-miami, any episode. i never enjoyed getting drunk every night watching the lightbox as much as with you. i can even say i love you without really meaning it, and still feel good about myself and you. hey, neither of us got hurt! safe in our semisweet halfway house romance. you made it safe. i struggle to say that about all those times i really fell in love. remember how we met? you short fifty cents on the bus searching yourself, me cursing you blind for holding us up. i had to get to the library to read up on how good life can get. when we met eyes finally you shot me that glare. like eye bullets. my midnight mascara froze solid and shattered when i blinked. i knew then we were destiny. what is that they say? misery loves company? so true, so TRUE! how easy it was to say i love you.

postlude in the nude...

you made me laugh in 2009 when you were wearin that mask and i asked you what for? thinkin swineflu was something you might catch. you were exhibiting all the symptoms as usual. cutting me off mid-sentence. wanting to fuck at the most inappropriate times in not the best of places. how many times have i told you it would never work in the back seats of the last car of the subway? theres just not enough room and its unsanitary. besides, we might offend one of ten subway riders without mp3 players.

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