Tuesday 14 April 2009

midnight revelation

Just awake between sleep, I found myself in (or caught another case of) immaterial space. I was walking around barefoot still dreaming. My soul dripping out my eyes and pores. Out onto the hardwood floors. A pretty sight indeed was I, all highlighted bedhead locks melting the poor midnight stricken clocks. Controls were set for the sun. I mean, my controls went naturally to shut her all off, spray her with toner. Witch hazel to seal up the truth inside, I thought. No one can stand it anyway. People have no time for that kind of time exposure. It gets in the way of the work that needs to be done. Incessantly. But it was only midnight! there was no reason for reason. Time had no grip. Know what i mean? No large clock bearing down upon the neck. All bling had been discarded. The truth was pure and uncut, the road signed by starved dogs lingering between panhandlers. The semi conscious clarity on the Tijuana side of san diego. Eyes afire with deprivation. Call it free association nation. All the things the world is trying to express worked out right there, in front of the mirror, as i unlocked my bedhead and grabbed my hair in my hands for that primal dreamy scream! as my censor got take down for the shake down, tossed up against the fence, bouncing off it at the border of this holy land I only get a glimpse of, at times like these, getting drenched with another kind of knowing, painted bare feet grounded on the hardwood, these midnight conscious reveries. Only proof is the fog of breathe on the mirror, dissipating in reaction to the air again.

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