Sunday 19 April 2009

a friend and a hairdryer

Yesterday was okay
My equilibrium
com pro mised
Laughs became sighs
Had a kink
in my neck
Slept on it... wrong

In my head yesterday
i sang along
some wonderful
Kate Rogers song
and i
and i
made my mistakes
maid my

Made cookies for today
As I went along
Spilled coffee
into my cup
onto my lap
stopped breathing

a friend and a hairdryer
to the keyboard
saved my life
all day

The friend whose nerves
i tried
the hairdryer whose cord
i fried
on the built-in space heater
by and by...
while warm water
fell over my face

in the shower
laugh became sigh
tear fell from eye
truth began to lie

doubled down
poached egg on the side
curiosity my guide
mind awash
in coffee tide

ressurected the day
after he died
took him aside
shook him
met eyes
came together
as one...

first heat wave of summer

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