Monday 20 April 2009

erotica numero uno

I could see we might be meant to be
the day we fell in synch
you turned the key
i felt the link

the lights they fell down
your hand cupped my tit
the darkness warmed up
glistened the clit

pervasive the moon
persuasive the spell
shallow your rib
deeper the well

still you tried
and you tried me
i cried
and i tried

our cats
they touched whiskers
in cast
candle lights

shadows pre-occupying
the walls
you filled the hollows of
the halls

we shared our stories
our tragedies two
your rush of glories
my ever ever dreams

some come true
others overdue

Deep the well
of our love
nothing we could not
rise above

we etched it on our arms
below in the valley
we spoke from our hearts
we cried and we laughed

our love...
she climbed the charts

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