Monday 30 March 2020

pandemic 2020 day 13

March 30
Global cases = 734,000
USA = 142,000
Sacramento = 164E (3.27)

One thing I learned is the covid19 may affect different blood types differently. They are suggesting blood type A may be more susceptible to the virus. I am searching my memory to recall my type, I think it's AB. I am happy to say my hero brought me a thermometer he got at Walmart yesterday. I can't believe it took over 2 weeks to find one. Now in the event I test positive I will be able to quarantine and have all I need to make it through on my own. Some of us will be really really lucky and never contract the virus. Perhaps a small minority get vaccinated a year from now and never be infected. The majority of us can expect to contract the virus, experience mild to moderate symptoms, and get through it safely at home. I have a teledoc and my Kaiser doctor to help me walk through the illness online. Then of course there are the 3% ers who may fall seriously ill and god be with you. Yesterday Dr Fauci, who is the bread and butter of the latest update on covid19 here in the States, predicted 'millions' will be infected and '1-200,000 Americas' will die. This news sent shock waves through my acquaintances. In my humble opinion, the number of fatalities is a great underestimate. There is no way he would be allowed to step up to the podium and give a candid appraisal and be completely forthcoming. Trump finally extended his wish for life (business) to go back to normal to April 30th (previously he wanted the churches packed on Easter, April 12th). I completely understand and do not fault him for pushing for the nearest possible moment to get the economy going. We are looking at a deep recession at best in the coming year. It could get a whole lot worse. Dan Rather was back on the news last night, crying, calling upon the courage our founding fathers. Few are alive today who were old enough to remember the Great Depression. You would have to read a book. Expect poverty and starvation for your average man. Most Americans don't think I could get so bad. But it could. On a brighter note, I personally am hopeful we will get through this and come out a better country. If history is any precedent, we will.


  1. i was rolling along w/in your rythmns thinking "well she's a WRITER, that's clear, she goes her own way, she's on a roll, kool, remembering a Beat remark by Jack whatizz-name (mr. K), "we can't have an American Literature if all the writers write in the same voice" so adjusting to the many marvelous tiny unfolding surprises as the story blooms, happy to ride along ( as example, the delectable "as a continuum it was meditativ" ) -- then as a reader i was jarr'd off the page when you go "the world was so small they knew it was round and found the poles & all that lay in between, and kill'd the cat." > wait. WHAT? did i skip a meeting ? kill'd the cat ? <"Reader overboard! swirling waters !"> i rummage'd backwards but found nada clues concerning a cat, or subtle plotting to maybe up-ahead, kill one; ther's "his cat licking the white star in her cinnamon chest", yes, and the writer may be obliquely-hinting the old bromide "curiosity kill'd the ..." ("no need to travel to distant imagine'd lands" [via books] yeah that's what you were saying, i feel blunted, slow .... but! wdn't the sense be that the "so small world" supplied all they reQuire'd, so they agree'd to Quell CURIOSITY, not the cat ?

  2. "omsoc yreva" = gene avery, sacramento

  3. haha. yes there is a cat, Gene, there is