Wednesday 10 June 2015

Journal # 06.10.15

My makeup is scattered about the rooms. Foundation here, mascara there, yet none of it on my face! Eyeliner everywhere. I have instructions for life which I try and follow.  I have stitches on my foot from when I was a kid and stepped on glass. I have a pin in my thumb from when I broke it. I do not remember which thumb. I love my scars. I have two tattoos and both are blue. I will be having surgery to remove a calcification on my index finger, in July. The doctor warned me there will be stitches. I really cannot wait for the new scar! I hope I will be able to play guitar. Today I will be reading the manuscript of a friend from a far off country. Working on the English translation from his native tongue. I will go for coffee at noon with a close friend. I will fold my laundry and put the clothes away. I will take time to work on my novella. Life happens one second at a time. I will be thinking of you, and hoping your day is long and rich and disorganized, too, full of laughter and dreams coming true.  -KatYa

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