Saturday 20 June 2015

wattpad story - part 1

I just opened a Wattpad account for fun, and started an experimental story.
This is how it goes...


My name is Antipathy, and I could care less. I live in a world of six million villains because they do not give me a choice, so I have to put up with all of them and probably you. My tongue is purple because I drank too much Kool Aid in the nineteen eighties and it never washed out and I'm glad. Yes, I have tattoos and my body is pierced wherever I decided because I am free in the mad, crazy world where we live. I thought about traveling in time but I would rather stay right here in the moment and deal. I had a boyfriend but he dumped me. I have a girlfriend, too, but that's a secret between her and me, and the tree. 
I could care less, only because I care so damn much.

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