Sunday 28 June 2015

Wattpad - 'an easy recycling of a most difficult time'

From my Wattpad experiment... La Verite was nowhere to be found. Antipathy was looking and looking for her, but La Verite always popped out of her hands like a bar of soap when held too tight. Faux Froid took over the town. A chill cast over the roads, trees, dirt, homes, faces, ankles, toes, toenails. Toenails as soft as reflections bent around the way, only to be bent back around. Like light through a prism. Logic and reason had long ago, long, long ago you know, fled the sapling exchange-post. The same place where she got her licorice. The same place where she met up with her best friend. Some kinda store, that one, a real meet anyone and everyone that could ever make a difference in your life. Don't forget to smile through your teeth. 

Antipathy's friend Little Bit took off as much as she could chew. What was her purpose so to do? She liked to read and devoured any book or ebook that came her way. Her nose was always in Antipathy's library, and you had to talk to her sideways at the right angle to catch her eyes, and know she was listening when they stopped scanning REM-style, and looked angrily into yours, for having busted another paragraph up. The red book back was broken and quite mostly paper maiche- in look, not essence. Essentially a book and no longer readable. Tragic were it not for the hope -- recyclable. Like even after she got through mashin' the shit out of it, too! Who? Little LilBit. True. Truetrue.

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