Tuesday 24 March 2015

Journal. Midvernal

I waited for her and had been waiting for her all along
screaming PLEASE
when the afternoon she ascended the stairs
and knocked on my door
with a peachy red flower
and a peachy keen smile
for little me and time stopped
in my bedraggled bedhead woken midvernal night dream

I will always wait for her though nothing is needed anymore between us
All is sunshine and bonus from here
You can only do someone wrong for so long, and they you

 If you still yearn for one another silently...
        if you still contrast with one another violently...
                   if you still discern one another sensationally...

maybe there's a chance
   maybe if we believe
 maybe if we leave tomorrow -4- tomorrow

for the moon rolls over the sun
and the sun rolls over the earth
and the earth rolls over the sky

maybe there's a chance for us
to light up the night
let the memories die

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