Wednesday 11 March 2015

Journal # 03.11.15

There was a devil in my dream. She was crying blood tears. She had missed the time change, apparently, and came late for the nightmare. And someone who had the key to my heart. I didn't wanna but I hadda ask for it back. He took it off the ring and pressed it politely into the palm of my hand. Right beside my lifeline. Which was cut short in the prime of my youth. I guess ima overachiever. Of life. With a case of noisey spelling bees.

What a dream. Someone liberated a big box store of its big screen tvs, and stored them in my home. I took back the key to my house. Placed it alongside the key to my heart. I cried a hundred tears, and not a one more. I watched the news today, oh boy. On a hundred tvs from China. They filled all the holes in Blackburn, Lancashire. Now people can bicycle around. A comedian in the States had done something wasn't funny. I just had to laugh.

A closed caption video transmit via Best Buy satellite. A hundred tvs had been displaced. I was watching the satellite feed on them. Feed on them. And though the news was rather sad, well, I just had to laugh. I snapped a photograph. A selfie. Of me watching the abduction of a hundred tv's, on a hundred tv's been abducted. I re-allocated myself to the bedroom. I unlocked my heart, before going to bed. Like usual. The doors to the house were all bolted, dead. The televisions all turned off. I slept without dreaming. And woke to love, in my heart, and stevia in my tea.

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