Wednesday 19 March 2014

short wave breaks, new coke era - ii )

She was strange
with her transistor radio
melting into spaces
in a whirlwind
white noise

     a lightning rod
    a conduit
she was

selfless by design
addicted to flannel
IQ unknown. a prodigy on

the sound
of sound colliding

what would we do?
death of the transistor radio
boo. hoo

she shook the radio gently
turned the dial shook the static
out her hair

for a moment was she
colloquially. informal
mad mixed with strange and static
electricity. far from normal

she arched her back
crossed her legs
envisioned whole
golden hard-boiled eggs
exploded to the
           to the
       to the

to the
of sound colliding

source energy fields
filled the gaps in her spine

death of the
transistor radio

short wave break beats
resonate through her
so slow you could catch it
if you just stood still. there
stood still. there
still. there

we would. there
we did. there

oceans of sound = places she reside
with flora and fauna
she washes in on the tide

she's strange
hard to get to know
you must rearrange
to attune with her
so go!

reconfigure your cortex
two firewalls down!
dive into her transistor
ocean of sound!

you may touch into her
if she looks to be found

often hiding in shade
with the lights drawn blue
where her heart and
her secrets lie in wait
for you

(just up the dial
from you know who)

guess what?
she is yours
the breath of god
out her pores
into yours

you are hers
she is yours
guess what?
i am yours

you are mine
i am hers
she is yours
all the hours
time is fine
you are mine
venus furs
world tours
you are mine
i am yours

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