Tuesday 25 March 2014

soft so sweet

These words may not escape
the page to tell of human suffer age

the type set down
now weighs
the anchor of the mind
for days

who knows what falls
what follows

in line the sheeps keep ewes
in check

before E the eye
of goddess
before you the Q
only the best

four times the power
of the sun
four times
the grave's recedent

eight days a week
or more
the images drop the
feelings pour

out on to some blank lonely
space some
cloud banked in sky's silk
blue lace

would the words
simply obey
would they scream so loud

toward May

the spring she dips our fields
in green the asphalt falls
beneath the scene

i love this so the path unseen
the fleecing of all thoughts to

i love you long like rivers
run i love you to the set of sun

let us lie together
 feel the heat
and kiss so tender
soft so sweet

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