Thursday 13 March 2014

short wave breaks. new coke era

She was in her late twenties, mid-range soprano.
Schooled and well-versed, she loved banging on piano.
All her life, the others, they considered her strange.
Some watched from a distance, kept perfectly estranged.
Others saw potential in her and invited her over.
They had about as much hope locating her, as a four-leaf clover.
She could not sit still.
Manifested temporal displacements.
Riding the short wave on transistor radio.
In basements.

You're outdated!
cried her little sister, Penelope.
She just smiled back, from behind her crazy straw
planted in a New Coke,
which got old.
You're so 1980!
Penelope shouted.
She knew it was true, and started to laugh.
The old new coke carbonation ran up the passage to her nose.
Penelope pouted.
This was not the desired effect.
She liked to get under Penelope's nerves,
press her buttons - CNS.
She took pharmaceutical Adderal.
It relieved her from stress.

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